Wednesday, July 29, 2009

About Bleaching Earth

BLEACHING EARTH IS also known as Bleaching Clay, Activated clay, Activated Fullers Earth, Activated Bentonite.

Bleaching Earth is used for Bleaching / decolorizing vegetable oils, Mineral oil, wax etc. Bleaching Earth is manufactured by acid activation of Ca-Bentonite. Fullers Earth is naturally active Bleaching Earth. It's efficiency can be further improved by Heat Treatment , acid treatment and also by acid activation.

Activated Fullers Earth Powder can be used in Contact process. ex vegetable oil and mineral oil refining etc.

Fullers Earth Granular is used in Percolation process, Ex: Transformer oil, White oil (Petroleum Jelly) etc.

About Me

My name is Kaushik Shah, CEO of Indian Clay & Mineral Co.

Indian Clay & Mineral Co (ICMC) started its production of bleaching earth/ activated fullers earth in 1951.

I graduated with my MS Degree in Chemical Engineering from University of Southern California (USA). I had also done my BS in Chemical Engineering from California State University (USA). After working for two years in Hunt Wesson Foods (Vegetable Oil Refinery) at California (USA) and a year in Flour Corporation as Process Design Engineer at California (USA), I returned back to India to join Indian Clay & Mineral Co (ICMC) in 1974.